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10x SEO research and content, build a topical map for any keyword, compare information gain and topical coverage of ranking pages; then browse and build the best SEO article to outrank your competition using ChatGPT. 

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Search any keyword topic, analyze every subtopic and ranking page, and build the best SEO article using ChatGPT

What is Ousia?

Ousia is a knowledge mining and insights tool for SEO. Our proprietary pipeline makes it 10x easier to build a topical map for any keyword, visualize the subtopics and information gaps between existing pages ranking in Google, and apply those insights to build the best SEO article using ChatGPT.

Reverse engineer competing articles, find what they're missing and have in common

Using Ousia's new set of SEO tools you can quickly view each subtopic covered by each ranking page. Learn which subtopics are covered and missing for each competitor to make sure to include them in your article.

Build your SEO article

Once you've explored the topical map and competition; browse each subtopic to learn more. If you want to add it to your article, click Generate and all the research, content and citations will appear in your Draft.

Read each Subtopic Title and even Preview the main ideas from each.

Step 1

Click to Generate a complete summary of the research for that subtopic using ChatGPT.

Step 2

As you browse the subtopics and click generate, new content will appear inside your draft with citations and links to the original sources

Step 3

Once you've compiled your draft, save it, copy and paste, or download.

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